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Andrea May Hinton - The Pampered Artist

Andrea May Hinton is a prolific artist living in West Monroe with her husband Aaron and her cat, Fat Ass. Her style is undefined as it is ever changing. She paints with vibrant colors, whimsical and realistic. Her works hang in galleries and private collections locally and internationally. She was voted 2011 Best Artist and 2012 and 2013 Top 5 Best Artists for the Best of the Delta. Andrea donates her works to many local and national charitable organizations to help raise funds. She has been teaching art at ARCO, an organization that works with developmental disabilities, since 2010. Andrea loves working with other artists, inspiring them, pushing them to pursue their dreams, to create. Other paintings by Andrea can be seen at Urban Village Imports.

Journey of Madalyn
Shelley S Regan Photography
Andrea May Hinton
Shelley S Regan Photography

The Journey of Madalyn is a series of paintings of a young woman that inspired Andrea. She was inspired by her innocent look, her free spirit and her ability to make you want to know more about her. Madalyn is constantly changes her looks and style, and is evolving, very much like Andrea's painting styles.

Andrea loves the human soul and capturing that on canvas is the ultimate thrill for her. She lets the paint guide her as many times the paintings evolve on their own from her original conception. She usually starts a painting with just a feeling, not really knowing what it will be or how she will execute it. Her visions are very strong and usually the unusual will happen. Using different vibrant colored paints excites her soul and she lets it take her on a journey of discovery.

Andrea will be showing her recent collections, The Journey of Madalyn, The Painted Hair, and an abstract series at the MAD Gallery, on August 1, 2013, for the Downtown Gallery Crawl, located at 130 Art Alley, Monroe, La. The exhibit is from 5pm until 9pm.