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Andrea Clevenger TLC show mom: 10-years prison for recurring sex with teen, 13

A mom, who appeared on the TLC show “Cheer Perfection,” has been sentenced to two 10-year prison sentences for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old boy. Andrea Clevenger, 34, plead guilty on Thursday to charges of sexual assault and engaging a child in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print, reports the Huffington Post on Aug. 11.

Andrea Clevenger gets two 10-year prison sentences after having sexual encounters of 13-year-old boy of family friend.

Initially Clevenger was charged with rape, but she plead not-guilty to that charge. The New York Daily News reports that this mother had sexual intercourse and oral sex with this boy on several occasions, sometimes at her Arkansas home or in her car. She also sent him sexually explicit pictures of herself and it appears she took sexually explicit pictures of the boy.

Investigators were able to find those images on her phone. The boy’s parents found the explicit photos that Clevenger had sent the boy and reported them to police last year. Along with the the two 10-year prison sentences she was also given two suspended 10-year sentences and Clevenger is forbidden any contact with this boy. She also needs to register as a “sex offender.”

The boy’s family was friends with the Clevenger family, so when his mother found the pictures Clevenger sent to her son’s phone, she knew who she was. This set the ball rolling for her arrest. The family reported the incident to the police and investigators discovered evidence into the sexual assaults.

One can’t help feel for the “Cheer Perfection” mom’s daughter Kylie, who appeared on the show with her last year. TLC has stayed clear of this and has not renewed the show. They also will not air reruns of the show.

Zap 2 It reported last year that it was an anonymous tip sent into the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline that exposed Clevenger. Back in January it was reported that Clevenger apologized to the mother of the boy stating, “He doesn’t act 13.” Then she told the mother that she would be entering rehab.

Clevenger was a bit strange on that TLC TV show with one scene showing her peeing on a woman’s neck after the woman was burned with hair straightener. The show followed a team of young competitive cheerleaders at Cheer Time Revolution in Sherwood. Apparently Clevenger was one of the cheerleader moms.

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