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Andre Ward on GGG, 'don't force feed us that Golovkin is a star'

Unified super middleweight champion Andre Ward opens up to Chris Robinson of Hustle Boss about his feelings of how Team Golovkin and the media are christening the Kazakh fighter a star.

Andre Ward discusses Gennady Golovkin
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Gennady Golovkin, the reigning WBA and IBO middleweight champion, is currently one of the top names in boxing. Because of his undefeated record and knockout ratio (90%), many in the boxing world are labeling him as the next big thing in boxing.

Ward, (27-0, 14 KOs), doesn't necessarily see it that way, as he points out, Golokvin has not yet faced the top fighters in the sport despite being 29-0 with 26 KOs. To Golovkin's defense, he has fought and beat the guys that were put in front of him rather convincingly. That's what you do in the sport of boxing, line em up, knock em down.

In the process, Golovkin's handlers have made some bold statements, such as Golovkin will fight anyone from the 154 weight class all the way up to 175 pounds. Ward was not hesitant to speak on those claims and other issues he has with the Golovkin camp.

On Team Golovkin's confidence in their fighter:

I mean. I think, you know. For the record, I think Golovkin is a humble guy. I think Golovkin is a good fighter. I think he is a silver medalist if I'm not mistaken. He's making a name for himself, but its the guys around him a lot of times that talk tough. They got a lot to say. My thing is if you gotta go on the record and plead the case of your fighter and say that he is a star, don't try to force feed us the fact that Golovkin is a star. If you gotta go on the record and tell us he's a star, he's probably not there yet.

On Golovkin's team saying he'll fight anyone from 154 to 175:

They campaigned for years. And they been campaigning for the last couple of years about we'll fight anybody from 54 to 75. Anybody. So anybody means anybody. So, I said I don't have a problem fighting Golovkin. Now, all of a sudden its a campaign to stay at 160. So, maybe you guys can explain that to me. To me it looks like backpedaling, and looks like a lot of grandstanding.

On Golovkin's level of competition at this point in his career:

I take nothing away from the guys Golovkin has fought, but he hasn't fought the best yet. With that being said, I give him credit for what he has done. But the reality of the situation is, he hasn't fought the best. If the shoe was on the other foot and that was me, they'd say I haven't fought anybody.

On his personal view of Golovkin as a fighter:

I think he is a really good fighter. I think some of the praise he gets is legit, but dont try to force feed us the fact that Golovkin is a star. And if you guys say you'll fight anyone from 154 to 75, stand on your word and keep that....he seems to be a good puncher. Its hard to say how hard a guy hits until he fights the best....I think if we ever fought, he's gone fight the best fighter he's ever fought in his life, amateur or pro.

Ward makes some great points, and if the fight between Golovkin and Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr. is finalized, the world will see him in his first real test against a talented fighter with a great chin.

To see the whole video interview, visit Hustle Boss or watch the video above.

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