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Andre Johnson, aka Christ Bearer, cuts off penis and attempts suicidal leap

It is no secret that there are an almost countless number of people that suffer from mental illness. Sadly, even celebrities can fall victim to these conditions. In fact, it appears that a rapper affiliated with the Wu Tang Clan has recently attempted suicide in a truly shocking manner.

The event was reported in a Wednesday story by TMZ. According to reports, Chris Bearer, also known as Andre Johnson, jumped from the second floor of a building during the early morning hours of Wednesday morning. Fortunately, Johnson survived the fall with severe but survivable injuries.

While the story of a person attempting to leap from a building to their death is sad enough, there is another unfortunate twist to this story. It appears that Andre Johnson cut off his penis before leaping from the structure. It is not clear why the rapper completed this gruesome act, but he is currently being treated for his injuries and mental illness.

A Wednesday story by E! Online revealed that Johnson is currently being treated at Cedars Sinai hospital. It is not clear how long the rapper will need treatment, but one can only hope that he gets well as quickly as possible. Additionally, it is not known if the rising musical star had exhibited any symptoms of mental instability prior to this event. As recently as Tuesday, the star released a new rap music video with Rugged Monk on YouTube.

Mental illness is a terribly difficult disease to manage. In addition to clouding one’s judgment, these conditions can cause individuals to experience intense emotional pain. While it is unfortunate that Andre Johnson is suffering from this condition, he will be receiving some of the highest quality care in the world at Cedars Sinai.

Have you ever struggled with mental illness? While there is little doubt that Johnson will receive increased media attention in coming days, hopefully he will be sheltered from any negative reactions while he recovers.

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