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Andre Bauer shows true GOP colors: 'Don't feed poor people, they breed like stray animals'



  • Get a clue! 6 years ago

    Truth sometimes is right in your face and it is not always pretty!

    When congress was reforming welfare what was the main point of it?
    Stop paying people to breed and therefore collect more money.

    The welfare recipients slowed their baby making machines and many are now productive members of our society.

  • Not fooled by racists 6 years ago

    In response to Get a Clue: Too bad the baby-making machine that made Andre Bauer didn't slow down a little sooner.

  • White Trash 6 years ago

    Who you callin' a baby makin' machine?

  • ugly truth! 6 years ago

    if you are unable to feed then don't breed!
    why should anyone else be responsible for your mistakes?

  • Uglier Truth 6 years ago

    Free abortions for every poor breeder! That will solve the "stray animal" problem!

  • The cat is out of the bag 6 years ago

    Have known him for 15 years. Glad others can now see the truth. He's always thought he was better than others who had less. Can't wait until the public finds out about all the misappropreation goverment founds and just how dishonest he really is.

  • Tim 6 years ago

    Another article with twisted facts to support an opinion without ALL the facts.
    You bring up a point about how 2 of the top 3 states with highest employment have Republican Governors.
    How about a little more facts.
    The HIGHEST unemployment rate in the country is a state governed by a Democrat. In fact, 6 of the top 10 are.
    And the most interesting fact of all,...EIGHT of those top 10 have houses made up of a majority of Democrats and SEVEN of the Senates are controlled by Democrats.

    And let's talk about the top 3 states with the LOWEST unemployment numbers.
    North Dakota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. All 3 states have unemployment under 5%,...all 3 have Republican governors, and all 3 have houses and senates controlled by Republicans.

    You see, the bigger picture of things, Democrats are doing a lousy job in comparison. No opinion here...these are the facts as supported by the numbers. You didn't give the full account.

  • WWGBD 6 years ago

    Hahahahaha Read it and weep you libprogs!

    A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network.

    Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t trust Fox, also the lowest level of distrust that any of the networks recorded.

  • Tyronne Green The Dancin' Machine 6 years ago

    There is TRUTH in many stereotypes just ask yo' baby's mama cuz.

  • hehe... 6 years ago

    "libprogs" hahahaha hehe CLASSIC AND PRICELESS "WWGBD." That's even better than your "Howeird Dean." Keep 'em coming!!!

  • Makes Sense 6 years ago

    Writer and former NBA player Paul Shirley said the Haitians might want to learn how to use a condom, I'm paraphrasing Mr. Shirley, I don't know the exact quote. Well is that racist or just plain old common sense. The truth is never easy or often times isn't popular but it is the truth nonetheless. Ever hear of constructive criticism, like medicine sometimes it's often bitter to swallow but helpful.

  • Dirty Harry 6 years ago

    Is keeping people dependent on handouts commendable?? Is "breeding" an entitlement attitude in someone somehow noble? Is taking away from others who have busted their ass to make it and give to someone who is simply too lazy or willing to work productive? Don't know this gentleman's exact words or do I care what his opinion is because he is entitled to it, but people are not entitled to receive handouts. The goodness and charity of most righteous thinking people will help the needy without being told or forced to do so, however, there are plenty of those who wish to exploit the kindness of others as their free meal ticket only. How many times have many of you offered to take a "whino" or a suspected homeless person and buy them a hot meal only to be cursed out for refusing to give them cash? Welcome to the real world people it's not all black and white. There are many predators out there looking to prey on the gullible and naive do-gooders who can't define the needy from the takers.

  • Affirmitive Action 6 years ago

    Poor guy doesn't he know you're not allowed to tell the truth in the U.S.S.A anymore.

  • fact is 6 years ago

    The idea is to destroy America.. That is what globalism and our congress critters, and senate dogs want to do. To break America into little pieces, so it will be no threat to the U.N.,NATO and the NWO.

    Our Senators and Congressmen are being paid to destroy America by lobbyists of a foreign nation, whose religion says that they are special and above everybody else.

    This enemy has always hated America.. Yet they hide among us pretending to be the friends of liberty, as they plant the seeds of slavery for all of us who refuse to worship them and their lies.. Communism and Zionism are the same bunch.. Mass Murdering Genocidal Maniacs.

    The enemy is Zionism, and it is determined to destroy our Republic.. and the Rothschild's banking dynasty is in back of it. So are their henchmen, the Rockefellers, and the Bush's. The Clintons, and Obamas also fit the ticket of the traitors who are destroying America.. For a foreign nation.

  • chad 6 years ago

    loved the U.S.S.A comment. That was brilliant!

  • JAY 6 years ago

    I see the Tea Baggers are here . . . always arguing against people they think are the dreaded "Other" when in fact they are arguing against their own self-interests. At least people like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & O'Reilly are making $bank$ sucking up to the Rich and attacking the Poor - this shows them to be more intelligent than the average Tea Bagger who are but beggars to their own demise.

  • MK 3 years ago

    I currently live in the UK & I've seen first hand what easy hand outs do to people who are not motivated to work. This place is a sink hole of a welfare state where the unemployed get all kinds of benefits & the over worked tax payer is being squeezed dry with very little in return.

    I want better healthcare & community safety for the taxes I pay. I DO NOT want my taxes going to subsidise council homes (up to 4 bedrooms large in many cases) where the unemployed & unmotivated can live & breed indefinitely.

    I completely agree with Andre Bauer! Finally, someone had the balls to come out & say the truth as is. Wish we had more of them here in the UK.

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