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Andi dumps Don Juan Pablo Galavis after 'The Bachelor' overnight dates

Andi dumped Don Juan Pablo, but "it's OK!"
Andi dumped Don Juan Pablo, but "it's OK!"
ABC/The Bachelor/Facebook

"The Bachelor" two-night event, which aired on Monday and Tuesday, was not enough to breathe life into a lackluster season, despite the drama ABC teased would ensue on the overnight “Fantasy Suite” dates with Juan Pablo Galavis and the four remaining bachelorettes in St. Lucia. Andi dumped Don Juan Pablo, and "it's not OK!"

The yawn-fest began in Kearney, Missouri when “The Bachelor” met Nikki who wanted to tell him she loved him but didn’t: boring.

Juan Pablo’s second trip was to Andi’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. She’s not sure if she is in love, but is “very, very close” to being in love with him, ho-hum. However, things sure changed when she experienced the real “Bachelor” in the “Fantasy Suite”, and it wasn't "OK".

Renee’s hometown date in Sarasota, Florida with her son wasn’t enough for Juan Pablo to keep her around. She was another bachelorette who couldn’t tell “The Bachelor” that she loved him. Galavis welled up with tears as he bid Renee adieu. He promised her he wouldn’t prolong her time if she wasn’t the one, and it is clear at this point in the reality TV dating show who Juan Pablo will choose: Clare.

Clare and Juan Pablo’s visit to Sacramento, California to meet with the family was truly appreciated by all who live within dysfunctional families, and the awkward moment between sisters brought five minutes of drama to two very dull television nights.

Was “The Bachelor” two-night special ABC’s way of competing with the season premiere of “The Voice”? If it was, it failed, miserably.

Saint Lucia was the exotic locale for overnight dates, which Andi felt Juan Pablo didn’t take seriously. Clare was the first for an overnight date in the “Fantasy Suite” with Juan Pablo, and “The Bachelor” became weepy when the California native told him she was falling in love.

Andi had the next overnight time with Don Juan Pablo, and although he’s said numerous times that Andi could be the one, she woke up and couldn’t wait to get out to run as far away from Galavis as possible. Andi stated Juan Pablo is a self-centered name-dropper that confessed his overnight date with Clare, which the 26-year-old assistant district attorney felt was rude and offensive.

The Fantasy Suite turned into a nightmare. The whole night was just a disaster. I hope he did not think that went well. I just didn’t see someone that cared for me. It is extremely important for me to be with a guy who loves me more than he loves himself.

After Andi confessed her disappointments to Juan Pablo, she continued to press her point for some type of emotion from “The Bachelor” who was “ok” with her departure. She was insulted he said she was in St. Lucia by default, which he stated he didn’t do. Why keep on fighting? What was the point? Is it really "OK" Juan Pablo? Andi’s exit made Juan Pablo’s decision on whom to keep easier, but it’s obvious who Galavis will select.

Nikki had the last of the overnight dates and she was the first to say, “I love you” to “The Bachelor”, but will she be the one he proposes to two weeks from now? The Reality TV Examiner thinks Juan Pablo will choose Clare. What do you think?

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