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Andi Dorfman shocks viewers on 'The Bachelorette Final Rose:' Made love to Nick

Andi Dorfman chooses Josh, breaks Nick's heart.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Andi Dorfman shocked viewers in a surprise move on Monday night’s season finale of "The Bachelorette, The Final Rose". There were many clues dropped that hinted who Andi Dorfman would pick and viewers speculated between Josh and Nick up until the three-hour live “Bachelorette” event. And Andi showed up at Nick’s door to say goodbye. Nick then blew up Dorfman's spot and asked, "why she made love to him" during the airing of "After the Final Rose."

The Bachelorette” finale began with Chris Harrison informing viewers of a “surprise ending you won’t see coming.” The host of the reality TV dating show then clued fans in about the jilted bachelor that tried to see Andi Dorfman twice, once as she vacationed in Mexico and again during the “Men Tell All” episode. Andi refused, but with the personality Nick has portrayed for the entire season, one could speculate Andi Dorfman chose Josh. Add to that another little revelation last week and Josh could be perceived as the last man standing. (In the “Men Tell All” airing, Andi refused to see Josh’s lie detector results, which could be seen as a testament to her new love that hated the test.) And then Andi appeared at Nick’s door.

The Dominican Republic was the backdrop for the romantic setting. Both bachelors met the 26-year-old’s family from Atlanta, Georgia and both received a blessing from the father of the assistant district attorney. Nick, 33, a software sales executive from Waukesha, Wisconsin made Andi Dorfman’s mother cry and was extremely nervous during the initial meeting of the family. Andi told her sister that Nick makes him feel like a woman and they have an undeniable passion. Nick then confessed his hurt past to Andi to get a little reassurance on their final date together, and although she couldn’t say it, he believed her eyes and comfort were enough to make him feel he’d receive the final rose. Finally, Nick gave her a necklace to remind Andi of the first time he said, “I love you.” And as Josh picked engagement rings, Andi paid Nick a visit.

Josh, 29, the former pro baseball player from Tampa, Florida, walked in to meet “The Bachelorette’s” family sweating bullets. Andi’s sister questioned if he was the right one, as Andi too doubted Josh’s “type.” Dorfman’s last date with Josh had Andi probing past moments the couple has shared and she wants to know if there is more to their relationship after the initial attraction is gone.

Hollywood Life ventured ‘The Bachelorette” was dressed for a proposal and indeed she was, but it was for Josh. Andi Dorfman visited Nick to tell him that she “woke up to feelings that just weren’t right.” It has been Andi's fashion all season to spare the feelings of those she's turned away, so with tears in her eyes, she said goodbye to Nick and moved on to accept a proposal from Josh, not as surprising as ABC would have viewers believe. What was a shock was what was revealed in "The Bachelorette" recap, "After the Final Rose." Although viewers always speculate about lovemaking and sex during the fantasy suites, Nick asked Andi Dorfman why she made love to him, which is a great question. If she was as in love with Josh as she claimed, then sex with Nick should have been off the table.

“The Bachelorette” is no longer single, as Andi Dorfman is engaged to Josh. In another unsurprising moment, the new “Bachelor” is Chris, the hot farmer from Iowa. ABC has yet to confirm "The Bachelor" news, however Harrison gestured towards Chris that he will be the next single man to make the journey. "The Bachelor in Paradise" airs next Monday on ABC, where the beaches will undoubtedly be filled with sex and more sex.

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