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Andi Dorfman reveals big surprise Josh Murray had for her that didn't air

Andi Dorfman
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Last night was a new episode of "The Bachelreotte" 2014 and it was time for the hometown dates. On Tuesday, Wet Paint shared that Josh Murray made a really big romantic gesture for Andi Dorfman that didn't make it on the air. It is obvious that he is really into her and ABC just didn't air this part. There is just not enough time on the show to let fans see everything.

Josh showed up with ten roses for Andi. This was a great gift but everyone wondered why it was not a dozen roses. Josh explained to her that it was ten to give her back ten for the ones she had given to him. So far Josh had received seven roses from Andi and he went on to explain that he was expecting three more. That would mean that he would be the big winner this season. You can see it all go down at this video link.

It might seem a bit cocky that Josh Murray would think that he will get three more roses from Andi Dorfman. They are getting along really well, live near each other and he thinks that he has it in the bag. Fans are also pretty convinced that he will be the one who wins the show this season.

Bustle shared how Josh opened up to Andi last night and showed her one of his true loves which is baseball. They went to the baseball field and threw the ball around. Andi even broke a bat when she hit the ball. He also had a great family that Andi got to meet and it is very possible that the family may have won her over.

Don't miss "The Bachelorette" 2014 on Monday nights on ABC. There are only three more episodes left this season. It won't be long before everyone finds out if Josh Murray is the one who she picks in the end.

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