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Andi Dorfman quits: Rumors fly she quit 'The Bachelorette' but that is not true

Andi Dorfman
Andi Dorfman
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Andi Dorfman did quit but it wasn't her job as "The Bachelorette." Everyone went crazy today when Andi Dorfman quits started to trend but there was a lot of confusion. She actually quit her job as an Assistant DA and doesn't have plans to go back. Originally she was supposed to go back to this job after three months but instead she is quitting the job at least for now. She is still "The Bachelorette" and the rest of the season has already been filmed.

Fox News shared that Andi quit her job as an Assistant DA. The reason she told them that she quit is because she is still too busy with the stuff from "The Bachelorette." That does make sense considering that she isn't done yet with the show. The filming is done but she still has a lot left to do with the show. Of course she also has to get to know the man she picked even better. You can view the document on TMZ.

Andi and her winner will still need to record "After the Final Rose" which will probably be live the night that the show ends. They will also need to make the rounds to the various talk shows. This will last for a few days after the big finale of the series. When that is over, she might even have a few other things going on.

You never know what Andi Dorfman is going to end up doing after she is doing with all of her obligations for "The Bachelorette" 2014. Her letter to the DA said that she could be interested in returning in the future if they will have her. You never know if she might end up needing to find a job somewhere else or if they will take her back. A lot of past contestants on "The Bachelorette" have turned to jobs in the media instead.