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Andi Dorfman quits: 'Bachelorette' star quits job as a state DA without notice

Andi Dorfman quits her job as a Georgia state assistant DA without notice, and some people are a bit surprised at the “Bachelorette” star’s sudden change of heart. It seems that the 27-year-old woman isn’t going to be giving up on love anytime soon, but she has — for now at least — put aside her work as a district attorney and abruptly resigned from the position. News Oxy provides some insight into Dorfman’s unexpected decision, and what might have led her to quit her highly esteemed job as a lawyer.

Andi Dorfman has quit her job as a DA. Why?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It was confirmed this week that Andi Dorfman has officially quit her job as a prosecutor of the law from Fulton County. This “Bachelorette” contender may have good looks, but she also definitely has the brains as well. Yet for reasons ultimately unconfirmed, the 27-year-old resigned recently, only a couple of years after graduating from law school. Back in 2012, she was clearly very excited about tackling the challenging position, prior to her season on the hit TV show.

"I was very fortunate to be in a specialized unit in my office," she told PEOPLE in an inside interview. "My specialty was gangs. It was a really coveted position."

The change of heart might have something to do with Dorfman’s first temporary leave in order to be part of “The Bachelor” as a contestant on part of Juan Pablo Galavis’ own season, adds PEOPLE News earlier today. She was said to have some second thoughts in leaving once again to film her own show. Although the “Bachelorette” star is usually just in the news as a leading (and much loved) figure on the series, when Andi Dorfman quits her job as a DA without notice, it seems to also be a very good reason for people to discuss the celebrity.

According to her own statement, leaving again would open the chance that she would lose that coveted DA slot.

"There was that worry of 'If I leave, is somebody going to take my place?' " she said. "I'm a young female attorney and it's already an uphill battle for me.”

A short while later, she said she was ready to get back to her job, but it seems things have changed since then. “I'm ready. I miss being a lawyer," she reported just last month. "I worked hard for it and I hadn't been doing it for that long." Now, Andi Dorfman looks like she is focusing a bit less on her career — at least for the moment — and instead going to look to love from family friends, and of course, a possible bachelor.

"My home is Atlanta, my family is there, but I am serious about finding love and if that means going somewhere else and figuring it out once I get there, then that's what it takes.”

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