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Andi Dorfman meets her suitors on 'The Bachelorette': Who will win her heart?

Andi Dorfman meets her 25 suitors?  Who will win her heart?
Andi Dorfman meets her 25 suitors? Who will win her heart?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman was a standout on Juan Pablo's season. The smart quick-witted professional developed quite the fan base while vying for Juan's heart. Towards the end of the season, however, she realized the former soccer stud was not for her. She called him out for his repetitive "It's Okay" assurances, put him in his place, and then exited the dating show on her own. Now, Dorfman is back, and she's the one handing out the roses. On Monday, May 19, the 27-year-old beauty met her 25 potentials.

First things first though. Contestant Eric Hill tragically passed away shortly after leaving the show. His paragliding accident occurred while the show was still filming, though he had already been eliminated. At the beginning of the season premiere, Eric was remembered for his huge impact, and the entire season was dedicated to him. Early spoilers have indicated that the handsome explorer was Andi's first one-on-one date, which quite obviously reveals that she definitely felt a connection with him.

Aside from the sadness that hangs over this season, Andi was able to meet her other 24 suitors. Though there wasn't a great deal of drama yet, we can rest assured that it's coming.

Here are some highlights from the limo moments:

Josh M. is quite obviously sticking around for a good while, if not walking away with Andi. Dorfman revealed that the former pro baseball player is her type. However, she's admitted that "her type" hasn't worked out so well for her thus far, so she may need to think outside the box.

Tasos' entrance was among the most interesting this premiere, and it definitely caught Andi's attention. He spoke a little french and attempted to recreate the Lover's Bridge in Paris. What a romantic, huh?

Nick V. clearly impressed Andi with his sincerity and down-to-earth demeanor. It was immediately evident that the two have chemistry, though Nick was incredibly nervous and slightly awkward. He will for sure be a favorite contestant this season, and his genuine heart will keep him around at least most of the season. Nick earned himself the first impression rose, and seemed completely surprised to be the one chosen.

Farmer Chris also stood out. His background and persona is likely going to win over the ladies this season. Some websites are even already speculating that if he doesn't win Andi's heart, he will be the next bachelor. Time will tell. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, folks.

Cody the fitness trainer tried pushing a limo for his grand entrance. How appropriate.

Now...let's discuss MARCUS. This guy is easy on the eyes, billengual, and works as a sports medicine manager. Andi called him "intriguing." Shall we say final 4?

Back to Eric. Sadly we know that we aren't going to see a happy ending with Eric, but the premiere made viewers wish otherwise. He's one of the most physically attractive contestants this season, and easily one of the most interesting. He also seemed incredibly genuine and drama-free. During his entrance, he presented Andi with two dolls from the Andes Mountains. He explained that a little girl had given them to him, and told him to give them to his he chose Andi. His entire presence was sweet, and it was easy to see why Andi was taken up with him.

Now, on to Bradley. We have ANOTHER Opera singer this season, but it doesn't seem as though he will fair as well as Sharleen last season. However, time will tell.

Brett the hairstylist? He stole a lamp from the hotel and presented it to Andi as a gift. She seemed a little unsure about that, but he received a rose anyways.

Nick A. the golfer also kept things reasonably interesting, and apparently Andi didn't mind her golf lesson.

The most exciting event of the evening was Chris Bukowski being a party crasher. In case you don't remember him, he was on Emily Maynard's season and 'The Bachelor Pad.' He was insistent about meeting Andi because he had fallen for her during Juan's season, but his entrance didn't impress Andi. She decided that since he didn't go through the process like her other guys, he shouldn't be able to join the pool now. Chris Harrison informed him that he would not be allowed to vy for her heart, which didn't go over real well. Was he there for Andi or there for more spotlight? You decide!

At the rose ceremony, it was clear that Andi must not be a huge fan of guys with long hair, as every one of her longer haired guys were sent packing. Rudie, Mike, Josh B., Emil, Jason M.D., and Steven were rose-less. As an attorney himself, Rudie took it hard saying everyone said him and Andi would get married and have kids. Sadly, Jason M.D. dished that it was hard to not hear his name called and that he didn't have a whole lot to go home to. Josh B. was embarrassed and said it was "stupid."

What did you think of the premiere? Who are your early favorites? Sound off in the comment section below!

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