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Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray update fans on 'Good Morning America'

Andi Dorfman
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Last night fans watched Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray get engaged. These two are doing great and now they are making the rounds to the talk shows. On Tuesday, Andi and Josh made an appearance on "Good Morning America." Radar Online shared some about what they had to say about their lives now.

They came out on stage together as Josh placed his arm around her waist. It is very obvious that they are really into each other. They had just got off of an airplane when they showed up. Andi admitted she knew that they had an attraction all along, but it took her to the end to know for sure.

Josh admitted that he was intimidated by her at first. Her new fiance said that she is intelligent and funny. Andi revealed that it was difficult to break up with 25 guys along the way. She shared that she did read the letter from Nick, but there is really no reason to reopen the past right now.

Andi Dorfman admitted that coming into the show she was considering moving and getting out of Atlanta. The fact that Josh lived near her was kind of a bad thing at first, but it worked out since they were able to spend a lot of time together. A spring wedding will probably happen, but they haven't set anything in stone yet. They didn't admit if it would be a TV wedding or not for these two. Viewers honestly would love to see it all happen live and ABC knows this would be great for ratings.

It is now time for "Bachelor in Paradise" because this show will start airing next week on Monday night. This show will be full of drama and will looks like something you won't want to miss. This show will have several of the men from Andi Dorfman's of the show on it.

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