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Andi Deris interview: Helloween vocalist takes aim at corruption

Two decades ago vocalist Andi Deris walked away from Pink Cream 69 to front German power metal pioneers, Helloween. This week, the veteran vocalist chats with The Examiner and Metal Nation Radio to discuss his third solo effort, Andi Deris and The Bad Bankers; “Million Dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent Heads“. It marks his first solo album in 14 years. The singer takes aim at the corruption and greed of the banks who feed off human misery and the government which allows it.

Andi Deris returns with third solo album
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Deris approached the making of his new record with a band concept in mind. Joining him are his son’s former bandmates which include; Nico Martin (guitars), Jezoar Marrero (bass), and Nasim López-Palacios (drums). Deris, whose first passion is guitar, also lays down some heavy riffs on the album ”Million Dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent Heads” was released through earMusic on November 22, 2013.

During our 25 minute interview, Deris also discusses the problems of society’s swallowing everything the media sells us on the song, “Don’t Listen to the Radio (TWOTHW 1938)”. He opens up about the insatiable need people have that no matter what they achieve or own, it is never enough. Deris also talks about the track, “EnAmoria” which he originally penned for ”Lady’s Voices Meets Friends – Our Voices Against Cancer”, Finally, the Helloween frontman journeys back to 1994 to share his feelings about recording his debut album with the band, “Master of the Rings“; as well as recording cover songs, and his love for The Sweet and Kiss.

Listen to the full interview above.

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