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Anderson man arrested for operating a chop shop tries to strangle K-9 officer

Amanda Grant, Matthew Martin, Russell Grant
Amanda Grant, Matthew Martin, Russell Grant
Anderson County Sheriff's Office

An Anderson man is in jail tonight after attempted murder of a K-9 officer, Fox Carolina News reported May 9.

Russell Grant, 34, had outstanding warrants on him for running a chop shop in Anderson County. Police were called to a home in the Centerville area where Grant had been spotted.

Upon arrival, Anderson County Sheriff's Department deputies ran information on two vehicles on the property, which came back they had been reported stolen. Additional officers were dispatched the the scene, including K-9 officer Hyco.

Officers spoke with Matthew Martin and Amanda Grant, who told them Grant wasn't on the premises. The Sheriff's helicopter had been circling overhead, and saw no one leave the home.

Amanda Grant gave verbal consent for a house search. After the search, noises were heard underneath the home, leading officers to believe the home had a crawlspace.

A warrant to search the home was obtained, and Hyco went to work. Grant was located in the air conditioning ductwork, where he began punching and kicking the K-9 officer.

According to Sheila Cole with the Anderson County Sheriff's Department, Grant wrapped his legs Hydro's body and his arms around the dogs neck and began choking him.

Hydro, trained to fight back, managed to inflict a bit of damage to Grant as he and his handler fought back. Grant continued to resist arrest. EMS was eventually called, and Grant was taken to AnMed Medical Center, where he was treated for multiple dog bites.

Grant is in custody at Anderson County Detention Center, where he's been charged with nine counts of operating a chop chop, four counts of resisting arrest and one count of attempting to kill a K-9 officer.

Matthew Martin was charged for hindering police in serving a warrant.

Hyco was examined by his vet, and is okay.

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