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Anderson County tracking dog praised after finding teen who ran from rest area

K-9 dog finds missing teen
WYFF4 screenshot

A tracking dog has been praised for finding a missing teen, WYFF4 reported February 23.

A missing teen and her mother got into an argument while traveling I-85 in Anderson County. When the two of them stopped at an Anderson County rest stop, the girl fled into nearby woods.

Then a bloodhound named Dixie was brought in to help after investigators determined the girl was most likely hiding in the woods behind the rest stop. The teen, who had managed to go about a mile into the woods, was found within an hour.

Dixie is getting a lot of praise these days. This is the first missing person she's credited with finding, but it's the third in under two months where deputies put her to work and used her nose to find what she was instructed to search for.

Jonathan Williams of the Anderson County Sheriff's Office stated to WYFF4

“It makes me feel great, makes me feel great. She did a great job."

The teen was returned to her mother after being located.

A lot of effort goes into producing a good law enforcement canine. The Anderson County Sheriff's Office has several dogs trained to sniff our narcotics, bombs and to be used as trackers.

The K-9 handler's work hard to keep their dogs in top physical condition. These dogs are valuable to their community, as are the officer's who work with them.

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