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Anderson County passes puppy mill ordinance

Anderson County passes puppy mill ordinance
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The long awaited puppy mill ordinance for Anderson County, South Carolina has now been passed, Fox Carolina reported February 4.

The new ordinance passed four votes for and two against at the final reading at the Anderson County Council meeting held Tuesday night. This passage has made Anderson the first county in the state to approve a puppy mill ordinance.

County Council held a meeting in August 2013, and it was decided the ordinance would have to benefit the dogs and the community, while not making it impossible for legitimate breeders to sell.

Anderson County Council will base the new ordinance on a plan that will be in compliance with the American Animal Hospital Association, where proof of vaccinations and treatment of intestinal parasites much be presented before a dog or cat can be sold.

Anderson leaders are hopeful the new ordinance will cut down on the number of seriously ill dogs, many of whom are offered for sale by backyard breeders.

Dogs being sold in poor health at the Anderson County Jockey lot, especially the highly publicized raid of the Starr property belonging to Donald Black, Sr. More than 150 malnourished dogs were seized from the breeder back in August.

While the rules and regulations to enforce the new law haven't been worked out as of yet, this is a major victory for animal advocates in the Anderson area. This upstate community has grown tired of animal cruelty and neglect as dogs are raised for sale in unsanitary, inhumane conditions.

Anderson County Administrator stated in an interview with Fox Carolina back in August, 2013

"You have to look at it in a way that you do not hurt honest business people who do that for a living."

Please thank Anderson Council members Tommy Dunn, Tom Allen, Gracie Floyd, and Ken Waters, who supported the ordinance

Most animal advocates encourage shelter and rescue adoption. But since dog breeders are out there, it's good to know they will soon be regulated to ensure the health of the animal.

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