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Anderson Cooper weighs in on Dallas anchor who opposed Michael Sam kiss

 CNN's 360 host Anderson Cooper attends the Nautica fashion show during Olympus Fashion Week at Bryant Park February 6, 2004 in New York City.
Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Dallas news anchor Amy Kushnir is the latest person to be added to Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist. Cooper put Kushnir on the list on Monday night in response to her reaction of the Michael Sam’s kiss with his boyfriend that was shown just moments after Sam found out he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams on draft day.

Kushnir made headlines when she stormed off the set following a debate with her co-hosts in which she argued that it was not appropriate for ESPN to broadcast the kiss in front of children. When co-hosts refuted her arguments, saying that straight football players kissed their wives or girlfriends on TV all the time, Kushnir claimed she would’ve had the same reaction.

Cooper had a lot to say about Kushnir and ran off the reasons why he put her on the Ridiculist. First he aired a segment in which the anchor kissed two male strippers on the air, proving her a bit hypocritical. Then Cooper acknowledged that Kushnir wasn’t the only one opposed to the kiss, but her argument just didn’t make much since, especially when she was on the air with semi-naked men, which can be easily be argued as far more inappropriate than a kiss between a man and his boyfriend.

Cooper says on his segment, “To Amy Kushnir’s argument that nobody shows football players kissing their wives or girlfriends, that’s simply not true and I don’t think she’s being honest when she wouldn’t want to see that either or yells ‘Get a room’ whenever she sees that.”

Kushnir’s co-hosts continually argued that she only had an issue because it was two men and Kushnir continually claimed that was not the reason why she was uncomfortable. Cooper also clearly saw through her denial saying, “If you’re uncomfortable seeing some kind of affection…why not just say that and leave the excuses about why you’re uncomfortable where they belong: on ‘The Ridiculist.’”

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