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Andaman Islands: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 possibly diverted to islands

Photo by How Foo Yeen/Getty Images

The Andaman Islands are one the latest locations to be suggested as a possible route for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. CNN reports on March 14 that an analysis of the radar information reveals the plane may have taken a route that would let it fly over these remote islands. It is one of the many possibilities that are being suggested as the search for the plane continues.

The Andaman Islands belong to India and have a sparse population that stretches over more than 500 islands. There are several indigenous tribes, so some parts are restricted to foreign visitors to preserve their culture. There is an airport, the Veer Savarkar International Airport, capable of accommodating a plane the size of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. However, sources claim it would be difficult for the plane to land without being detected by India’s military in the area.

The remote islands are just one of the many possibilities being suggested by officials as they continue to explore what happened to the missing Boeing 777. Other theories include the suggestion that the plane has crashed or was the victim of an onboard terrorist attack. Another popular theory suggests that the plane was deliberately taken off course and hijacked, so it could be flown to a different destination. The investigation into the missing plane will continue with a renewed focus on the Andaman Islands, and India has agreed to help Malaysia by joining the search efforts.