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And Then They Were Four

Film maker, Martha Shane, during her stay in Baltimore, this February.
Film maker, Martha Shane, during her stay in Baltimore, this February.
Oswald S. Copeland

I am not referring to the Apocalyptic four horsemen in the Biblical Revelation or the

American wrestling team of the 1980’s; and no, not the Notre Dame Football team’s famous four of the 1920’s.

There were five, then one was killed, murdered, leaving the remainder to carry on a unique work. The four: two men and two women are spread throughout the country, Maryland, Colorado, New Mexico and California.

It all has to do with Roe v. Wade (US Supreme Court decision 1973). Woman is in her third trimester, and finds out her baby will only live three months if brought to term; she could not stand the trauma, the pain, she preferred an abortion, and sought help from one of the four. Some Christians cannot wait for God’s judgment, so shot the “fifth” on May 31,2009 in his church, a Lutheran church! The murdered man was Dr.George Richard Tiller, who specialized in late term abortions.

Martha Shane made a documentary about the “four” remaining ones, trimester specialists, and named it AFTER TILLER. Martha is from Maryland, went to school at Towson High, then to a college in Connecticut.The Maryland Film Institute introduced the young director and her film to us, at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

The film is a Sundance Festival pick. Not a bad title for a documentary, but I prefer mine, AND THEN THEY WERE FOUR.

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