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And the Oscar goes to: Stars who surrendered slimdowns to slurp cheese pizza

Julia Roberts attends the Oscars prior to pizza.
Julia Roberts attends the Oscars prior to pizza.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The 86th Annual Academy Awards contained multiple golden moments, from sincerely moving acceptance speeches to exquisite gowns. But when it comes to truly unique Oscar occurrences, we have to give the award to the stars who abandoned their diets and slurped up host Ellen DeGeneres' generous gift of pizza.

Why pizza? Ellen explained the cheesy concept on her March 3 talk show.

Celebrities starve for weeks to look fabulous in their gowns, said Ellen. They're even more hungry on the day of the Academy Awards. The obvious solution? Feed those starving mobs with the food of the people: Let them eat cake (er, that is, pizza).

Among those slurping stars we salute:

  • Brad Pitt, who helped hand it out and appeared to ignore Angelina Jolie's pitifully empty plate ("Please, sir, may I have some more pepperoni?")
  • Julia Roberts joined by co-star Meryl Streep
  • Kerry Washington, beaming over her baby bump
  • Jennifer Lawrence, known for defying dieting
  • Martin Scorsese, who directed his slice into his mouth smoothly, proving he's earned his reputation as Hollywood's hottest director (you go, sir)

And bonus points to Kerry (give the woman another slice), for her Instagram captioned: "Yes! @TheEllenShow There IS gluten-free pizza!!!! #OSCARS #greenroom"

Now you may be asking: Gluten-free pizza? Really? So we investigated and discovered: Yes. A tip to whomever hosts the Oscars in 2015: Cater to every type of diet and serve up weight loss pizzas mid-show - then watch the fun begin as celebrities fight for their slices.

Plus: Get ready now for the obvious choice for your own Academy Awards and Razzie Awards party foods:

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