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And the Oscar goes to... Dr. Brent and the 360 Facelift

Dr. Brent Moelleken
Dr. Brent Moelleken

Celebrity plastic surgeon Brent Moelleken, M.D. revealed updates to what might be considered the world's most comprehensive facelift to a select group of friends and colleagues in Beverly Hills this past weekend. His digitally designed and animated 360 degree facelift system showed in intricate detail the exact composite and procedures required to obtain the perfect face.

"The 360 Facelift System is a unique combination of traditional and brand new plastic surgery techniques," says Dr. Moelleken who has been performing the specialty facelift for some time at the request of his affluent and high profile patients. "By modifying trusted older procedures and adding newer cutting-edge techniques, patients obtain the ultimate result: natural looking youth and beauty."

According to Dr. Moelleken, the 360 Facelift System is unique because most facelift procedures only tighten the skin, while the 360 facelift works by addressing the multiple signs of aging such as sagging skin, loss of facial volume, change in the face from an 'oval' shape to a 'square' shape due to gravity, weakening of eye muscles, descent of the cheeks, appearance of frown lines, crow's feet, loss of lip volume, deep laugh lines, sun damage of the skin and weakening of the neck muscles.

The 360 Facelift includes at least eight separate procedures combined into one surgery. While each patient will require a variation of the actual system, Dr. Moelleken generally begins by tightening the platysma (neck muscles) with a new procedure called the Neck Lace. The Neck Lace allows extensive deep tightening of the platysma bands by carefully lacing the bands in a criss-cross fashion much like a corset, so that the skin can be gently redraped, avoiding the 'pulled' look. Moelleken also performs an Ultra Short Incision Cheek Lift and restores volume with his signature Live Fill procedure.

Developed and published by Moelleken, Live Fill is a procedure where he harvests live tissue from the patient's own abdomen, shapes it into what looks like a connected string of pearls and surgically places it into areas that need filling or plumping, such as the nasal labial folds, under eyes, frown lines and lips.

At this point, Dr. Moelleken is only half way through the 360 facelift! He will then continue to rejuvenate the upper face with a hairline preserving brow lift to open the eyes and give the patient a less tired appearance. His last two procedures include a lip lift if necessary and a fat preserving eye lift. In select patients, laser resurfacing and other age reversing techniques are also performed.

"We are in an era where patients are more sophisticated than ever about plastic surgery," states Dr. Moelleken. "The era of just pulling the skin over the face is over. The more areas we rejuvenate and bring into proper youthful balance, the younger and more natural a patient appears."

When asked if his 360 Facelift System has debuted on the 'Red Carpet', Moelleken laughs, "Of course, but the trick is to keep it looking natural. I don't want anyone to know that my patients have had surgery, and neither do they."

Moelleken also continued to explain that prospective 360 Facelift System patients undergo extensive medical testing before surgery to ensure optimal health. And, as the price of ultimate beauty is high, Moelleken's 360 Facelifts start at $50,000., getting it right the first time is the only option.


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