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And the E3 crown goes to...

Reggie Fils a mech
Reggie Fils a mech

With E3 2014 over and done with many are asking people: who won the conference? Here is a couple reasons why Nintendo should wear that shiny crown.

First of all they announced more exclusive titles (obviously) hands down than either of the other competitors. With new twists Marios, Zeldas, and even whispers of a new Star Fox, the list of Wii U and 3DS only titles vastly eclipsed the competition. Not only did we see our old favorites on the horizon, we also got a slew of new games to look forward to. Fresh new ideas like Splatoon and Miyamotos secret projects: giant robot and guard. ( )

A lot of what Sony and Microsoft showed off was either non exclusive or things that we had seen and heard about months before hand, barely any of it was something that only they were doing. While they did announce a few things worth excitement, it was vastly outweighed by more of the same, with more Call of Duty and driving games, it was enough to cause a yawn or two. ( )

Despite not having a live event Nintendo still entertained with a commissioned opening from Robot Chicken, a silly Reggie Fils-a-mech short and the heads of Nintendo duking it out in a Mii reveal for Super Smash brothers; if nothing else, Nintendo has a great sense of humor. After their ninety minute direct, they went live to the tree house and had exclusive demos and interviews all weekend. Giving a more in depth look at the new games that were announced for the people that couldn’t make it out to the showroom floor.

Whether you agree or not, there is absolutely no denying that Nintendo gave us a great show with lots of new games to look forward to, this year and next.