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And The Blood Just Keeps On Flowing... Part 2

Now that she's gone what's next
Now that she's gone what's next
Photo by Christopher Polk

Barely did we have time to mull this over before the second---- and far more shocking death---- came, Will's on The Good Wife. On a series that makes the majority of it's plot twists revolves around the bedroom and the law, it was horrifying to see one of the show's lead character's dispatched so suddenly, and so accidentally. (Will was killed when a client he was defending for murder--- and who had been undergoing psychological and physical difficulties while in lock-up) snapped from the pressure, grabbed a gun, and starting shooting people at random.

The death seemed so random that it came as a different kind of shock to learn that Josh Charles had wanted to leave the series last year. He was talked out of it by Juliana Marguiles to make sure he got a more fitting exit. He sure as hell got one.

The Good Wife was enjoying a superb season so far, ripping away most of its foundation when Alicia and Cary left at the start of the season. Now it will no doubt be a struggle to see if Lockhart-Gardener, which in previous seasons, faced corporate downsizing, intervention from other partners, and receivership brought on to avoid bankruptcy, can survive the loss of a name partner. Adding to that is the fact that Will was operating in a mood of expansion bordering on the ruthless in the weeks leading up to his death. Will those problems lead repercussions for those whose remain?

Who will remain is also a valid question. Kalinda, by far the most fascinating of a show filled with fascinating characters, expressed interest in leaving the firm in this same episode. Will Diane (Christine Baranski) now the sole partner on the firm, who was going to leave until her judgeship was taken back by Governor Peter Florrick, be able to control a group of unruly associates and brash newcomers brought in mainly by Will? Who will come into fill Will's shoes? Are Michael J. Fox and Carrie Preston free?

And what will Alicia do? For the last four seasons, many of her action at home and on the job have been reliant on her relationship with Will. She seemed to torpedo that relationship permanent in the shows final weeks, and now Will is dead. Will she stay at her new firm? Will she stay with her husband, whose relationship has been shaky at best, and whose very governorship has been threatened by information Will was being forced into giving to the authorities? The future for everybody seems more in shadow, even though the series (which was renewed for a season 6) seems to be at the top of its game.