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And the best cheese in the world is...?

And the best cheese in the world is...?
And the best cheese in the world is...?
Carrie Antfinger/AP

While you were enjoying the first day of spring an event was happening in the dairy state of Wisconsin. This event is the World Cheese Championship and according to a story published today, March 21, 2014 in the San Francisco Chronicle, the winner is... Swiss Emmentaler!

This cheese, quite obviously, hails from Switzerland. The fact a European cheese won the award should surprise no cheese fan as Europe is internationally recognized as being the "cheesiest" place on earth. Sadly, no cheese from the United States has won this esteemed award since 1989. All is not lost for American cheeses, however, since at the world championship American cheeses did in fact take home most of the medals as they won 59 of the 90 categories.

Four Wisconsin cheese makers made it to the final round of competition: Brenda Jensen, of Hidden Springs Creamery in Westby, with a hard mixed milk cheese; Marieke Penterman, of Holland's Family Cheese in Thorp, with an aged Gouda; Katie Hedrich-Fuhrmann, of LaClare Farms in Malone, with a hard goat cheese; and Steve Bierhals, of BelGioioso Cheese in Green Bay, with a Parmesan.

For those American's used to buying their cheese at supermarkets, the bad news is that Velveeta and those things called Kraft Singles, were not in the competition!

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