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'And Never Let Her Go' movie: True story of Thomas Capano-Anne Marie Fahey

She was his mistress and she ended up dead
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"And Never Let Her Go" is a true crime court drama based on the true story of Anne Marie Fahey and former Attorney Thomas Capano aka Tom Capano. The movie originally aired on CBS in 2001. The real names were used in the film.

"And Never Let Her Go" chronicles the affair between Thomas Capano and his lover-mistress Anne Marie Fahey.

In the beginning scenes we see a very married Tom Capano meeting the beautiful Anne Marie Fahey at a party. The two eventually become involved in a secret love affair. Tired of being the other woman, Anne Marie breaks it off with him which leads to a violent confrontation and her disappearance.

The true story is based on the 1996 disappearance of Anne Marie Fahey. According to police, Tom Capano was the last person to see her. Her disappearance went unsolved for over a year until a tip led police to Capano.

According to police, Anne Marie Fahey was killed in a fight she had with Capano. Capano later disposed of her body in a box which he later dumped in the Atlantic ocean. Her body has never been found.

Tom Capano was later arrested and sentenced to death for her murder.

Capano died in prison in 2011, according to ABC News.

This case has been the subject of a couple of books and crime documentaries.

For more details about the crime and excerpts to Anne Marie Fahey's diary go here.

The movie still airs on Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network.

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