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And Finally... Greatly Underestimated Keys to Success... #7

Jeremie Webb

The Real 80/20 Rule

We've all heard of some kind of 80/20 rule. If you've been in business or sales for any length of time, you've heard it said that 80% of your cash flow comes from 20% of the work you do. Or that 20% of the work you do is the work that actually produces results... the other 80% does not.

Those are VERY true, but there is a spin to the 80/20 rule that most successful people live by and understand and use as the fuel to keep them seeing greater and greater success.

It is simply this... 20% of success is a matter of what you do, your skills, who you know, how you do what you do, and all of the "how to" and "what to" statements. 80% of all success comes down to simply doing them.

The key to understanding this is to realize that 80% of success is simply taking action. Then taking action again. And then taking action again.

Success has more to do with taking constant action than it does with anything else.

The skills required to be successful can be learned. The contacts needed to be successful in your chosen career, work from home lifestyle, or whatever can all be acquired. The tools you need to be successful can be acquired. There is one thing that cannot. It must be produced.

That one thing... again... is constant and consistent action.

A boat requires action to move. Either wind or motor. If you are the once responsible to make sure there is either wind or that the motor is running, then you can control the direction and destination of the boat... You are therefore successful in getting it to do what you want it to do.

Without action it cannot turn, move forward or do anything. It never gets anywhere.

Success is the same way. You are responsible for providing the wind and that wind is action... constant action. If you will make up your mind and resolve to provide constant action in the direction of your goals, you WILL see success.

The really successful people of this world know that and use it!!! It is not always in the amount of time that we want it to be, but it WILL happen and without it, success never manifests.

Success simply cannot exist without action.

It really is that simple. Only 20% of success in anything is about the logistics. 80% however, IS about action.

So do you want to be successful at your work from home career? Your traditional career? Your invention career? Your home based business? What about relationships... it applies to those too? And Parenting?

Think about and apply THIS 80/20 rule... and you WILL see success!

Chase & Jeremie

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