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And a Happy, Organized, New Year

A great example of a well organized home office
A great example of a well organized home office

What is your New Year’s resolution? Is it to lose weight, get a better job, buy a home, or have a baby? Most of us at least think about a goal for the New Year. This designer is no different. The resolution here is to be more organized. Beyond that, though, it is to STAY organized. With my job, comes clutter. Magazines, samples, printouts of floor plans and specs litter the floor, desk, and drafting table. There are many of you in the same boat. You may or may not be designers, but the clutter of living and working easily builds up. And it’s time to clean up.

When going about de-cluttering, re-organizing, or whatever you want to call it think about how much storage space you have to work with. In the case of my office, it’s not much. Also think about what you need to have available to you and how convenient this availability needs to be. To do that, separate your stuff into 3 or 4 categories. 1: items you use every day. 2: items that you use several times a year, but not every week. 3. Seasonal or very special occasion items that come out only at select times i.e. fine China, or Christmas décor. And, 4…misc. junk that you just never use, but always think you will. It’s category 4 that should be completely purged!

Type 1’s are those items that you need on a very frequent basis, but in the rush of life don’t get put away. Creative types have a lot of this type of thing lying around because we go so fast from one project to another that sometimes things don’t get put away! These types of items need to be put into the most convenient of storage spaces to promote the putting-away-after-you-use mentality.

It follows logic that since the Type 2’s are the next important, so should the convenience of their storage be. This is correct. Type 3 follows suit and as stated above, just throw out everything in category 4! The hardest part of re-organizing and decluttering is the throwing away part. So before you start take a mental review of your stuff or areas of your home and office this weekend and think about what you really need and use.

In the next few articles I’ll be discussing more specifics on how to work with limited storage space (which we all have), recycling storage space, and keeping it clean! To get a jump start on the process check out these other articles on organizing.