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Ancient pyramid found: 4,600 y/o pyramid found in Egypt

Pyramid ruins in Egypt
Pyramid ruins in Egypt
Photo by Ed Giles/Getty Images

An ancient pyramid was found by archaeologists in Edfu, in the southern part of Egypt. On Feb. 3, FOX News reported that the 4,600 year-old pyramid predates the Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid is only about 16 feet tall today but it is believed that it was once about 43 feet tall. It is said to be one of the seven "provincial" pyramids built by pharaoh Huni or pharaoh Snefru.

"The purpose of these seven pyramids is a mystery. They may have been used as symbolic monuments dedicated to the royal cult that affirmed the power of the king in the southern provinces," reports FOX News.

The ancient pyramid found is similar to other pyramids in the way that it was constructed. Although these ancient structures were built thousands of years ago, many of them look the same inside and all have similar chambers. Researching the "provincial" pyramids made the identification of the new pyramid somewhat easy. Even still, there is a lot to be uncovered there...

"The team also found hieroglyphic graffiti incised on the outer faces of the pyramid. The inscriptions are located beside the remains of babies and children who were buried at the foot of the pyramid. The researchers think the inscriptions and burials date to long after the pyramid was built and that the structure was not originally intended as a burial place," reports FOX News.

The ancient pyramid found was not the first of its kind -- archaeologists find pieces of ancient pyramids and ruins frequently.

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