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Ancient alien burial mound found on Mars?

An image posted to the web shows a feature on the surface of Mars which looks remarkably similar to ancient burial mounds found on Earth.

What is it?

The image, published by George J. Haas of the Cydonia Institute, focuses on a strip of the Martian landscape which, when looked at more closely, resembles what is known as a "Kofun" in Japan.

Kofuns, earthen burial mounds, are found all over the planet, and a good example of one, picked up by Google Earth, exists in Japan. When photos of both anomalies are placed side by side, the similarity is unmistakable.

The image was found by Haas poring over photos of the Martian landscape, captured on film by the NRO HiRISE satellite. The area stands out due to its relatively smooth area, an ideal location for a burial mound on any planet.

Of course, it could be a natural formation, improbably shaped like a keyhole and caught by just the right trick of the light.


What do you think? Is this evidence that there once was life on Mars?

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