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Anchorman 2 exclusive: David Koechner on the battle royale, a minotaur & whammy!

What did you think about Anchorman 2?
What did you think about Anchorman 2?
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In what was nearly a decade in the making, nine years to be exact, for Anchorman 2 to take us all back to a world that millions didn't first discover until they saw it on DVD or TBS. Now as we sit here at the launch of the film on DVD, we can't help but hold a strong feeling of anticipation for what lies inside.

To help pique your anticipation, along with ours, was able to speak exclusively with co-star of Anchorman 2 and the voice of Champ Kind, David Koechner.

Anchorman 2 had one of the most creative, interesting and hilarious marketing campaigns we've seen in a while. From the fitting Dodge commercials starring Ron Burgundy, to all four co-stars chaotically appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the marketing was eccentric, effective and entertaining.

Of course though, this project wasn't all about the advertising and marketing, the film itself provided some hilarious, outrageous quotes and moments fans won't soon forget. When looking back at this project, Koechner said he had a great time working on the film, and that there's a lot more coming on DVD.

"Amazing, we had a blast filming it. We had a blast promoting it. I’m so happy with how well it was embraced and did so well internationally. Now we have this other movie out that has 763 new jokes, there’s four hours of material on the DVD, so I’m thrilled that all of the stuff we shot, people will get to see.

"We knew we had such a bounty of material that you couldn’t put it all in the film. It’s really exciting that [now] everybody gets to see all the work we’ve done," Koechner said.

In a movie like Anchorman 2, it's easy to imagine a slew of additional content being cut from the film and David told us about a musical piece that wasn't included in the original film's release, but was in the second cut they released.

"It’s hard to remember all of the quotes, but the thing that was released in the second theatrical edition was a huge musical number that I always thought was delightful and was one of my favorite parts of the film," Koechner said.

The Blu-Ray edition of the film will include three separate cuts of the film itself, along with an incredible amount of additional content as well.

If you've seen Anchorman 2, you know about the cameo filled battle royale that took place towards the end of the film. For anybody who hasn't seen it, we won't reveal any of the cameos that are in play, but we wanted to see what Koechner remembered about that day and how many takes they did.

"For me it was just, go out and enjoy it. I mean that’s the best part, selfishly. The thing that is a strong memory is we have a picture of everybody there, and that’s a glorious thing to have. Plus the minotaur’s in the photo as well (laughs).

"(laughs) Oh my God, come on man (laughs). Innumerable, tons [of takes], I mean there’s so much footage. I’ll put it this way, the first fight scene we did in the first movie was one day, this fight scene was a week of filming," Koechner said.

With the work for Anchorman 2 being long gone, Koechner talked about the other projects he is currently involved with, as well as the different approaches he takes with more serious roles versus comedic ones.

"There’s a really great film out right now called 'Cheap Thrills', it’s on video on demand. It’s a sinister thriller with dark, comedic undertones, where sex is always in play, and it’s an amazing picture.

"There’s a film I’m in right now in Canada, with Brent Butt as the lead, who is a Canadian treasure, called 'No Clue'. It’s a goofy, almost detective noire film through the eyes of a pen salesman. Right now, I’m developing a pilot show, a variety show for NBC.

"Well you really have to be crystal clear on the intentions of your characters. You’re not thinking about how you land a joke or getting your rhythm or timing right, you’re making sure the intention of the character is clear and also that you’re responding honestly to your fellow actors in the picture," Koechner said.

We wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't ask the token question of whether or not there will be a third Anchorman or not. We jokingly followed up that question with whether or not we'll see a sequel to The Comebacks.

"The first one took nine years to get a sequel, then the math would be 18 years for the third one to be made.

"(lots of laughs) I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in h*** [The Comebacks 2] is happenin’," Koechner said.

For any person taking part in a sequel, whether its a film, an album, a game or a festival, they have to face the inevitable expectations of people constantly comparing an original to its sibling; however, with a group like Koechner, Carrell, Ferrell and Rudd, they were a sure fire lock for comedy gold.

Koechner said they didn't worry about what people's expectations were and they naturally went with what was funny to them, like they did in the first film.

"Well you can’t really worry about people’s expectations. You can only do what you find to be enjoyable.

"I never had any apprehension because Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are two of the most dynamic, fertile, brilliant comedy minds I’ve ever come across in my entire career.

"For me, I knew they could do it and I think they did, if anything, everyone has gotten better," Koechner said.

The type of second life and colt that became of the first Anchorman on DVD has been well-documented; and it posed the final question of whether or not Koechner believed people will find the same joy out of Anchorman 2 on DVD.

"Everyone is going to discover the stuff they missed that wasn’t in the first couple films and they’re going to fall in love with it. I think what happened with this picture, a lot of people discovered it on DVD or on cable, and that’s the way they like digesting the film.

"I think there will be a huge appetite for it this time because I think this is a really personal film for people and they kind of take ownership over it. It’s a nice, intense bond that people have with the film," Koechner said.

You can pick-up Anchorman 2 on Blu-Ray today.

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