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Anchorage Isn't Philly, But We Got Sandwiches!


Several years ago, a cheesesteak trend took off in Anchorage eateries, particularly in pizza parlors, burger joints and take-out venues. Around that time, my quest for the almighty Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, the best in Anchorage, was on.  Over the last two years I’ve tried at least a dozen restaurants in Anchorage that offer the sandwich on their menu and had an interesting experience.

My love for the cheesesteak sandwich started with a bite of a basic cheesesteak sandwich from Milano’s Pizzeria and Philly Steaks. And boy, their title means serious Philly Cheesesteak business. My sandwich was thick with thinly-sliced and chopped beef, topped with green peppers, onions, and loaded with melted swiss cheese.
I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and quantity of their sandwich, and was hooked instantly, even though the $9.95 per order (comes with fries of course) seemed a bit steep. Luckily, the portion size of the sandwich from Milano’s made it easy to split with another person or save for another meal later. The fries on the other hand, have always been limp and lack basic salt seasoning every time I have ordered my sandwich to-go.  So if you are a big fry fan, don’t expect much.
After finding my love of this amazing, hearty (and maybe a bit indulgent on the caloric scale) sandwich, I decided to test out other cheesesteaks in town. I was impressed with several cafes and diners, though at some particular restaurants, was downright disappointed.
I realized it’s hard to find a perfectly seasoned beef and cheese sandwich, with plenty of toppings and the soft yet hearty bread, strong enough to handle all the contents of this classic and balanced meal between two slices of gently toasted bread. It’s not easy making a flawless Philly Cheesesteak. Even Quizno’s and Subway butchered this basic sandwich, and say they specialize in sandwiches? Yikes.
After all my cheesesteak soul-searching, Milano’s is still my favorite.  You can check out their menu online here: Milano’s Pizzeria and Philly Steaks. They offer in-house dining, to-go and delivery options. Plus, there are meal deals that let you combine pizza, hot wings and sandwiches with a discount price.
Specialty Milano’s cheeesesteaks at the $9.95 price include:
Philly Pepper Cheesesteak -  steak served with swiss cheese and a generous helping of sweet or hot peppers.
Milano's Philly Cheesesteak -  steak served with swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.
Philly Pepperoni Cheesesteak -  steak served with swiss cheese and a generous helping of pepperoni.
Philly Pizza-steak -  steak served with swiss cheese and topped with their famous red sauce.
Even with Milano’s being my favorite pick for cheesesteak sandwiches, I won’t stop there. I will continue my quest for other great cheesesteak sandwiches in Anchorage. You know, just in case there’s another remarkable cheesesteak out there waiting to be discovered… for research purposes of course!
For more information:
1207 West 36th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 569-6000

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  • Peter Moala 5 years ago

    I just ate but my stomach seriously groaned when I saw that pic. Yum!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I really liked the phillys at Tommy's Burger Stop. Have you tried there phillys? How do they compare?

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