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Anchor Bock's final lap

Say goodbye to Anchor Bock
Say goodbye to Anchor Bock
Anchor Brewing

A little over a week ago, Anchor Brewing announced that its seasonal Anchor Bock beer would be retired. It's time to say goodbye, but also time to look forward to whatever is coming next.

Anchor Bock was an interpretation of Germany's spring seasonal beer, carrying the typical strong, dark, malty flavors. While the beer style isn't necessarily as popular as others at the moment, it has a long, rich history, and is still enjoyed by many today.

One reason Anchor is saying farewell to the Bock is to open up space for new seasonals in 2014. Many are wondering: what's coming next?

Your guess is as good as any, though there are a few hints out there about Anchor's plans.

For one, check out Anchor's Facebook page. On January 13th they teased that "something big" is coming on February 6th. Right around San Francisco's Beer Week. Hmm. Another reason to go to the Opening Gala.

As for what the mystery beer is, the fine folk over at Beer Pulse might have the right answer: Anchor could be coming out with an IPA.

Despite prior reluctance to create a beer of this style, citing their Liberty Ale as the original India Pale Ale, signs are pointing to Anchor releasing a new IPA.

Beer Pulse found the records of Anchor's label approval request for the IPA. Check it out here - if the beer and label come to fruition, the label is automatically in my top five beer labels. Here's to hoping I can say the same about the beer.

Who knows if this is rumor or truth, but we do know that with Anchor Bock's farewell comes new seasonals. Whether we'll get an IPA, see a Zymaster become an annual seasonal, or get something completely new - it's an exciting time to be an Anchor fan.

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