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Ancestor 31: Maria Cecilia Izaguirre was a wife and mother in Mexico

Maria Cecilia izaguirre was baptized in Mier in 1816. She is listed first in this photo.
Maria Cecilia izaguirre was baptized in Mier in 1816. She is listed first in this photo.
Judy Everett Ramos

This is the 31st article in the genealogy project “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.”

Maria Cecilia Izaguirre is a paternal great-great grandmother. Her descendant, Hilaria Rios, married Ernesto Everett.

Maria Cecilia was born in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She was the daughter of Jose Eusebio Izaguirre and Maria Segunda Ramos. Maria Cecilia was baptized Nov. 25, 1816 at Inmaculada Concepcion Catholic Church in Mier.

Maria Cecilia’s paternal family had been in Mier for at least two generations. Her grandfather, Jose Juan Pantaleon Izaguirre, was born in Mier in 1722. It is not known where her great-grandfather, Martin Izaguirre, was born.

Her maternal side of the family had also been in Mier two generations. Her mother and grandfather were from Mier and older Ramos generations were from other parts of Mexico.

Maria Cecilia was the second oldest child. She had nine brothers and sisters who were born between 1815 and 1839. All the children were baptized in Mier, which means the family lived in town. Maria Cecilia’s baptism record states the family was from Mier.

Maria Cecilia married Jose Juan Antonio Sabas Rios at Inmaculada Concepcion Catholic Church in Mier on Aug. 16, 1832. She was 16. They started a family right away. They had 13 children between 1833 and 1853, all born and baptized in Mier.

The first children were twin girls. Both are listed as Maria de Jesus Rios. They were born July 25, 1833. One died Dec. 12, 1833. There is no death record yet for the other sister, but she married Jose Eugenio Garcia in 1856.

It is not certain why both girls had the same name. Children of Spanish descent had long names and it is possible that each girl had yet another name that set them apart. All the girls had the first name of Maria.

The seventh child born to Maria Cecilia was great-grandfather Pedro de la Encarnacion Rios, father of Hilaria Rios. He was born in 1842.

There is no death record for Maria Cecilia, but family tradition is that she died in 1855, which would only be two years after the birth of her last child.

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