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Ancestor 24: Maria Eustaquia Gonzalez suffered the loss of two children

Maria Eustaquia Gonzalez is listed last on this 1783 Mexican baptism record.
Maria Eustaquia Gonzalez is listed last on this 1783 Mexican baptism record.
Judy Everett Ramos

This is the 24th article in the project, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.

Maria Eustaquia Gonzalez is a maternal fourth great-grandmother. She was baptized at Inmaculada Concepcion Catholic Church in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Oct. 4, 1783. Her parents were Joaquin Gonzalez and Maria Dorotea Chapa.

She married Jose Dionicio Alanis at the same church Jan. 20, 1807. Jose’s parents were Jose Damian Alanis and Maria Margarita Garza.

Maria Eustaquia and Jose Dionicio had eight children. The first child was born in 1807, a second child was born in 1808, twins were born in 1810, another child was born 1812, and another child was born in 1822. One twin died in 1810, and the child born in 1822 died in 1825. There are two children for whom there are no birth records.

Maria’s grandmother, Ana Josefa Garcia, was descended from Spanish military generals Juan Garcia Pruneda and his father, Luis Garcia Pruneda of Burgos, Castilla, Spain.

Maria’s great-grandmother, Isabel Juana Guajardo, was descended from Captain Diego Gutierrez Castro, Captain Pedro Flores Abrego, and Captain Blas Garza Falcon, who was descended from a line of Spanish military leaders.

There is no death record for Maria Eustaquia Gonzalez.

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