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Ancestor 12: Mary Mitchell finds new beginning with Nathaniel Everett

A 2001 book by two descendants of Mary and Nathaniel Everett sheds the most light on Mary.
Judy Everett Ramos

This is the 12th article in the genealogy project “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.”

Mary Mitchell is a paternal sixth great-grandmother. The book,“Nathaniel and Mary (Mitchell) Harrison Everett of Tyrrell (now Washington) County, North Carolina and Some of their Descendants and Related Families Vol. I” by Jane Stubbs Bailey and Vernon L. Everett, Jr. has the most information on Mary.

The Bailey-Everett book cites Mary’s birth as occurring between 1670 and 1673. The book also states that records show a William Mitchell involved in Mary’s children by two marriages. Because of this and other evidence, the authors determined that Mary’s father was very likely William Mitchell. Mary's mother is not known.

Mary was between the ages of 18 and her mid-twenties when she married John Harrison between 1686 and 1689. They had five children.

John Harrison died and left a will dated Feb. 18, 1693. The will was proved in court in April 1694.

Mary married Nathaniel Everett of North Carolina sometime between 1694 and 1701 in Chowan County, North Carolina. Mary and Nathaniel had four children:

  • Mary Everett, born 1701
  • Elizabeth Everett, born 1703
  • Sarah Everett, born 1705
  • Nathaniel Everett, born 1707

Nothing else is known about Mary after the birth of the children. On Sept. 2, 1720, Nathaniel gave his wife Mary land in a deed. It is not known why he gave his wife land while they were married and both still alive. The Bailey-Everett book states this type of transaction was sometimes done when the husband took a long trip and was unsure if he would return in order to ensure his family's land ownership would not be questioned.

This deed indicates Mary was still alive on this date in 1720. This is the last time there are mentions of Mary. In a second deed dated Oct. 29, 1744, Nathaniel gave land to his son, Nathaniel, and there is no mention of Mary. It is assumed that she died after 1722 and by 1744.

Nathaniel Everett did not remarry and died in 1749.

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