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Anatomically correct doll: Toys R Us under fire for selling new boy doll

A new doll at Toys R Us has parents extremely upset. This boy doll is anatomically correct and it is a boy doll. A lot of people do not think that this should be sold in the store. On Thursday, SF Gate shared about this new doll sold by the company You & Me that is on store shelves causing a stir.

This doll does have a tiny penis and part of the selling point is that you are supposed to change its diaper. A lot of parents are extremely upset about it and going to social networks to share their concern. Some people keep their young daughters from this kind of thing and do not want them seeing it on a baby doll that someone might buy them as a present.

It could be used as an educational doll and that type are already out there. The thing that has everyone so upset over it is that it is simply on the toy shelves at Toys R Us along with the other dolls like it is no big deal at all. It has parents upset that their child might see it or ask for it and they have to explain the reason they won't be getting it to them.

One writer on She Knows is totally okay with this new doll. Monica Beyer doesn't see the problem with this toy and thinks that parents should have the option to buy it if they want to buy it. She said, "The bottom line is that, while you may not choose to give your child an anatomically correct baby doll, parents should have the option. The doll isn't harmful. What's harmful is the notion that a baby doll is disturbing or sexual because it has a penis. Let's be honest here — it's only scary if it's also going to pee on you during diaper changes."

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