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Anatomically correct doll Toys R Us: Doll's genitals spark social media debate

A baby doll with a penis is causing quite the stir among some mothers who are expressing their concerns via the social media sites today. While most baby dolls that are available on the market are wiped clean of genitalia, this new baby doll is anatomically correct for a baby boy, according to San Francisco Gate on August 1.

Anatomically correct doll has parents up in arms, will this scare their children?
Screaming Child/ Facebook

Now that the baby doll is on the market there are those folks who want it taken off the shelves. Some are asking for a warning label to be attached to the box so the consumer won’t find any surprises in the baby boy’s diapers. Others are wondering why this has become such a big deal.

Some moms have taken the time out of their busy day and posted pictures on the social networks of the baby boy doll with a penis. The naked doll is seen with captions from concerned parents that this doll is not something a child should see.

Let’s face it, unless a child is extremely sheltered today, they all see a diaper change of a younger sibling, cousin or friend of the family. This is probably were many people first learned as a child that a boy has a penis and a girl does not.

Depending on the decade you were born in, as a kid that penis could have been called a variety of different nick names when you are first introduced to the inside of a diaper while observing a diaper change. It may have been his pee-pee, his wee-wee-, his ding-a-ling along with the many other nicknames society conjures up for a baby boy’s penis.

Do you remember as a kid how that fear boiled up inside of you when the adult changing that diaper told you that the baby boy had a penis? As you became a parent, aunt or uncle yourself did you have to comfort your children for days because they were exposed to a baby boy’s penis during the changing of his diaper?

Probably the only time you have seen kids run away from the room with a diaper change underway is when the baby's diaper was full and the smell sent the kids running! This all sounds utterly ridiculous, children don’t run in fear from a baby's penis, they don’t get confused and it is a fact of life that most learn at a young age.

The Huffington Post today reports that a “doll with penis freaks out the Internet shoppers.” That is unbelievable, especially because you will never be at a loss for finding bizarre and disgusting things online to buy. Why would a doll freak them out?

The doll is called “You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll” and it is being sold at Toys R Us stores nationwide. The creation of a baby boy doll makes a great toy for the little boys out there if they want a doll like their sister.

This brings up another old-fashion notion about boys playing with dolls. Hopefully parents have evolved enough not to label doll playing just for girls, but could this be part of the criticism about offering a baby boy doll? There are other boy dolls on the market, but it would be hard to find one with a penis.

What harm could possibly come from a child playing with a doll that has a penis. Barbie dolls have breasts, very bizarre breasts if you think about it, they are missing nipples. With all the horrendous things that your child could be exposed to in today's world, shouldn't an a baby doll with a penis be the least of a parent's worries.

There is one more thing these parents can do who are finding this doll some type of threat today. They can exercise a choice of not buying it! What do you think?

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