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Anastasia Brooks provides a rare glimpse of auditioning for MasterChef Junior

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Anastasia Brooks is an area teen who recently competed in the auditions for MasterChef Junior here in Dallas. In this article she shares with us her unique vantage point of what the action was like behind the scenes.

So when we first walked into the waiting area, there weren’t as many kids as I thought there would be, which was weird but I guess that was because they staggered kids so everyone wouldn’t arrive at the same time. We had to fill out this long form before hand and then they gave us two more to add on to our application once we got there.

We were some of the oldest kids there, since thirteen is the highest age they’ll take on the show, but I talked to some of the other kids while I was waiting and they were all pretty cool. We talked about everything but cooking because we were all nervous and didn’t really want to think about it.

We went in rounds of five or six kids and once it was my turn, we went into this room with stations on the tables with a variety of cooking appliances on it. Two people were in the room, a casting agent and a chef. The chef told us to do some simple tasks like measuring water and cutting celery a certain way. And then they gave us an egg and told us cook it anyway we wanted.

While we were doing that, the casting agent came around and talked to us, asking us what we liked to do and what are cooking style was.

After that they took us into a holding room which was were our parents were taken while we were in the first round. Then they took us into a second room, which I was told was “Round Two”. We met two of the producers and they showed us flash cards of different foods and types of dishes they’re prepared in and we were told to name them. That was pretty fun and they were really easy to talk to so we weren’t really nervous with them. They also asked questions about us, like “What do you want to do when you grow up?” and “Tell us one fun thing about you”.

It was pretty fun in all and even though I didn’t make it through to the next round, I can still say I auditioned for Master Chef Junior, which is something most kids probably can’t say.


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