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Anand vs. Carlsen: One more time!

Not surprisingly to many, Viswanathan Anand, former world chess champion, creamed the competition at the candidate’s match this past month. While tons of chess enthusiasts counted on him winning the right to challenge the current world champion, the question remains: Does he have what it takes to defeat Magnus Carlsen?

Though Anand definitely has his followers and a staggering number of fans on his side, I’m betting not many others believe he has a chance. Why? Because so far, Magnus Carlsen has proven himself an unbeatable force. In short, the kid just doesn’t lose.

Of course, Anand will study up and get some learnin’ in before their world championship rematch, and will likely be far more prepared than the last time they battled. That being said, it’s unclear whether his efforts will be enough.

He has proved himself the strongest player in the world save for Carlsen, and that is something not to be taken lightly. The trouble seems to be that Carlsen is so far out ahead of the rest of the pack, realistically expecting to defeat him in a match situation seems almost laughable. Kind of like trying to knock a building over with a baseball bat.

I know you are all wondering what the author thinks, and let me tell you: Regular readers of mine already know. I’m of the camp that thinks Magnus Carlsen hasn’t even started his reign yet. That is not to say Anand is a speck of dust on the lens, but c'mon, you have all seen how powerful Magnus Carlsen is at the board. It’s unreal.

Even so, I expect one heck of a bloody match. I’m hoping we get to see fighting chess like we haven’t witnessed for years. The pressure will be almost all on Anand, because a drawn match means the king keeps his crown. Anand has to win. And because he has to win, he has to fight, hard, each and every game.

If you are anything like me, you are greatly looking forward to this rematch. When the two strongest chess players in the world clash swords, it’s time to pay attention.

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