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Anamaria Mirdita cut from 'Top Model' for being 'too thin' — just a PR move?

Anamaria poses for "Top Model"
Anamaria poses for "Top Model"
CW photo


  • PiiNK 5 years ago

    Frankly, I'm glad that they cut Anamaria for being too thin because she was WAY too thin! There definitely is a difference in being naturally skinny because their bodies look healthy and isn't missing muscle mass because of a calorie-restricted diet. Anamaria is in denial of having an eating disorder and probably some type of body dismorphic disorder if she thinks that 130 is "thick" for a girl who is 5'10" After calculating her BMI, its 15.8 and 18.4 or under is considered underweight and needing to gain weight. A woman should NEVER be that low on the BMI rate because that is just severly unhealthy!!!!!!!! If Anamaria were to gain back that 20 pounds to 130, she would still be plenty skinny and her BMI would be 18.7 and 18.5 begins the healthy weight range for someone of her height. I can understand if a model eats a whole pizza and still can't gain weight, that is a natural thinness, but if a girl who is at the low range of a healthy weight thinks she "thick" there is a deeper problem on the surface. I think ANTM was right to send her home because they don't want to send the message that her eating habits are healthy, because they obviously are not.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Anamaria Mirdita is all over the internet, Her photos are everywhere. You can see she clearly has lost a lot of weight and appears very thin. I am not sure if it was fair or if ANTM has a right to eliminate her because of her weight, however, it seems to me like there may be a correlation between her weightloss and her career as a model.

  • Gabrielle_NYC 5 years ago

    I'm so glad they cut Anamaria from ANTM. Her attitude was ... i am better than everyone here. When people act like that they don’t show their ...HUMBLE... side or that there is room for growth (personal and professionally). This doesn’t work for the show. Also, she was so into herself, she didn't take constructive criticism well. Instead, she took on her 'ego-driven' attitude she portrayed vs learning the lesson she needed to learn. She's not a good student. The best reason for cutting her is not that she is just too thin, but that seeing bones come through her body is ridiculous. Her skin didn’t look healthy or plump on her arms. She had not muscle tone. It’s okay to be a zero or a 2 and be thin, but have some definition on your body. Anamaria just looked as if she starved herself vs. working out, eating right. I’m a size zero/2 in many clothes I wear and my muscle definition is strong. I am 5 ft 8 and I can eat a lot and burn it off healthy. People always think I am 10-15 years younger than my age and that’s because I eat right, sometimes 1800-2200 calories a day with healthy fats and whey protein. I do a little cardio and weightlifting. The lifting weights help me burn fat fast and tone my body. I'm very thin all-around; however my bones are not showing. The muscles are defined (not bulky). I am sick and tired of seeing models who look like they are posing for World Hunger. Anamaria has a beautiful face and height. Her body is somewhat disgusting with the bones showing through her ribs. She just needs to tone up her arms and legs. In order to do this, she needs to eat healthy fats (i.e. olive oil, avocado, flax seed oil), proteins salmon, fish, whey protein mix, healthy salads. Plus workout. I could easily eat 2800-3600 calories and workout properly. I could eat whole pizza pies. I'm still a zero/2. My legs and arms are super thin, but they are super strong and don’t flab like chicken wings when I move my arms and legs. Anytime a girl has chicken wings (stretch marks-arms/legs), it’s a huge sign of anorexia or bulimia. They never educated themselves on what to eat, the quantities or worked out much in their life. I see it everyday in NYC. It’s kind of sad, because there are not of sports centers (gyms yes), but not intermural sports groups (athletic clubs). When you work out, your body craves healthy food and drink.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Gabrielle... why don't you tell us how awesome your body is one more time

  • Verity Kae 5 years ago

    Gabrielle... I have an eating disorder. And maybe Im the first to tell you this but it has nothing to do with being uneducated about what is healthy in relation to nutrition and exercise.

  • miss 5 years ago

    Actually, it's to do with a psychological problem that you require help with.... ?

  • JadeTaylorr. 5 years ago

    Okay. ALLL WRONG !!! First ya'll expect her to losee wait for a stupid modling job then ya'll let her go because shes too skinnny? OKAY !! I absoulutly LOVVVE Anamaria. <-- People pretend to be her ALL the time on Facebook & Myspace & all types of other stuff. Shes one in a millon & ya'll need to be appreciativve of that !! pathetic people nowwa dayys. Anamaria keep your head up high & hopefully you'll find somethingg else.

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