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Analyst says Wii needs immediate price cut


Might the Wii get even cheaper soon?

Mike Hickey, a Senior Research Analyst following emerging and existing technology companies for Janco Partners, said in a statement recently that Nintendo needs to drop the price of its Wii console immediately to ward off the impending debut of Microsoft and Sony's motion-sensing technology.

“We believe Nintendo needs to cut the price of their console from $200 to $150 immediately, as they should establish as meaningful of an installed base as possible before the Natal and Arc are introduced,” Hickey wrote.

Hickey also believes third-party developers will "benefit greatly" from Microsoft's  Project Natal and Sony's still unnamed motion controller, thus leading to a migration of Wii gamers to these new technologies.

"We expect 3rd party publishers could benefit significantly over the emerging casual cycle, as their prior experience at the casual market was often tortuous from Nintendo's software domination," Hickey wrote.

"The casual hardware extensions from both Sony and Microsoft will likely drive both additional hardware and software sales, for casual and non-gaming mass market opportunities," he added. "We expect a potential up-migration from a portion of Nintendo's Wii market, as many new gaming console households chose to upscale their game entertainment experience, enjoy a broader array of multi-media options and experience "the new" casual gaming opportunities."

How do you think Nintendo will respond/react to these new motion-control technologies from their long-time competitors?

Source: IGN


  • jwebb 5 years ago

    OK - go out & look for ANY link for any past analyst's prediction of the "death of Wii". Find one? Should not be too hard, since they seem to roll out about every month or 2.

    Good - now, after reading the death knell call to Ninty that you found, go & look up both how many of each console has sold this gen AND how many Wiis were sold in just the last month.

    Of course, Wii numbers will be down a bit next month - but tht's only becasue they are pretty much SOLD OUT nationwide (and virtually worldwide).

    Yeah, the Wii is in SERIOUS trouble (how do you add sarcasm tags here?) Motion controls for the other systems WILL NOT cause a mass exodus within Wii's instal base - what they will more likely do is divide the fanbases of the other systems - and lead to 360/PS3 getting their own brand of waggle-filled shovelware as MS/Sony try to grab a chunk of Nintendo's $$-printing machine. Bet on it!

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