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Analyst predicts more traditional Nintendo console next generation



  • Wii Gamer 6 years ago

    It's a poor excuse that they've give up hope considering most never tried very hard in the first place (and those that did actually found success).

    For example, Wii gamers would have loved Dead Space. Instead they gave us an on-rails spinoff. Wii gamers want Resident Evil 5 and they give us an on-rails spinoff. See a trend? Not giving Wii owners the games that they would be willing to spend tons of money on.

    Seriously, third parties would do a lot better if they simply upped the quality of their titles. Nintendo developed games don't sell millions upon millions simply because there is a Nintendo logo on the front. It is because their games are of the highest quality. Few third parties have put out such high quality games (and those who have, have actually found success).

    To sum up: 1) Third parties produce bad games 2) Wii owners don't buy those bad games 3) Third parties complain that we don't buy them and then refuse to produce quality ones as a result

  • Wii Gamer 6 years ago

    "we believe it is likely that Nintendo may support more 'traditional' controls for its next console, alongside motion controls."

    Nintendo already does that now. That is why there is the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro.

  • Squeak the Dragon 6 years ago

    I'm sure if you could go back in time to the 20s you'd find some tool predicting that Henry Ford would soon open a factory to make horse drawn carriages so that he could get serious after that stint with the motorcar fad.

  • hd gamer 6 years ago

    Small developers will get gored by hd requirerments and the rising of the bar that is about to happen with the incoming crysis2. Huge developers or their publisher will continue to recieve back lash froim the core gamers for not reach the ful potiential of their favorite system.

    Also hd gaming is starting to aling it self with the wii which may actualy make it easier for nintendo to keep pushing controller innovation. the heavy hitters of this gen are almost here so the HD era is about to come to an end due to raging fan wars and lots of false hype. Along with the fact that HD core gamers can not support these huge productions by them selves.

    Once nintendo enters the HD realm there is no longer any reason reason to buy one of the other HD systems.

  • JMoney 6 years ago

    @ Wii Gamer

    My thoughts exactly! I love my Wii and I hope Nintendo does not decide to take 2 steps backwards after making such a large step forward in the gaming industry. Third party developers just need to make the games that the consumers want. For instance, a real Resident Evil sequel and a Dead Space that is not on rails! But the good thing is that we still have Monster Hunter to look forward to!

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