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Analysis of economic recovery and how healthcare can boost job market

The Bureau of Labor Department released data of economic activity Friday that states, 217,000 jobs were added during the month of May. However, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.3 percent.

Job loss during the Great Recession, reached 8 million. This number has been recovered through positive job additions each quarter since President Obama's first and second terms.

An economist at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington stated, the job recovery during this period is, "an economically meaningless benchmark." But, had there been another loss of 8 million jobs like the Bush Administration, instead of a gain of 8 million jobs, there would have been a benchmark of a negative growth of 16 million jobs. At that point, meaningless takes on a completely new "meaning", economically.

Why the lingering sluggish feel in the economy amidst positive job growth?

Recently, there has been four consecutive months of at least 200,000 jobs added per month, a rate not seen since January 2000. But, the offset of job addition is permanent job loss, like bank tellers, replaced by ATMs.

Technology has its benefits in society but, many middle class jobs have been eliminated. Self-check out registers or online retailers effect retail sales personnel and cashier jobs. Online travel sites have devastated travel agencies. GPS technology, decreases demand for surveyors and map makers. Robotics has displaced assemblers and production workers. Public phone booths have virtually disappeared through the widespread ownership of cell phones.

In addition to advanced software and technology, outsourced jobs overseas has been hemmoraging U.S. jobs for three decades. Fortunately, all jobs are not available for outsourcing and a new century initiates new job creation and opportunities.

Solar, wind, and clean energy can be produced and used in the U.S., free of being outsourced.

Childcare cannot be outsourced overseas.

Solar panel street construction could eliminate the pothole and street repair dilemma. The solar panels can provide lighting and melting of snow and ice, while remaining safe from being outsourced.

Marijuana, once legalized nationally, can provide jobs for financial backers, growers, transporters, and distribution centers.

Healthcare, not only can workers live and work with access to a quality and affordable national healthcare system, ACA can create thousands of healthcare related jobs. As the insured numbers grow to a projected number like 35 to 45 million, jobs will be essential. Again, these jobs of technical and hands on nature are safe from being outsourced. Healthcare has potential to continuously add substantial job numbers with medium range wages as the population increase and the youth attain legal age for employment.

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