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Anaheim still needs defense improvement despite salary cap

One of the areas that Anaheim has desperately needed to improve on is defense after the retirement of Scotty Neidermayer.

Over the off season, GM Bob Murray stepped up to sign some big talent such as Finnish Toni Lydman, and monster on skates, Andy Sutton.  As of now, there are seven defenders signed for Anaheim, including Lubomir Vishnovsky, Toni Lydman, Andy Sutton, Sheldon Brookbank, Brett Festerling, Danny Syvret, and youngster Luca Sbisa. 

When it comes down to it all, none of these individuals can fill the void left by the retirement of Scotty Neids, however as a whole, hopefully we have enough talent and experience to raise some of the younger players, such as Syvret, Festerling, and Sbisa and encourage their growth into a player similar to Neidermayer. 

Many people believe, myself included, that even with these new signings, Anaheim still is in trouble with regards to their defense, the Ducks need to sign another big and talented defender, however there are several issues, including cap space.

As of now, the Ducks still have just under 11 million left in salary cap space, however a good amount of that will hopefully be dedicated to resigning young star Bobby Ryan to a good sized contract.  Granted Bobby has reportedly turned down 5-year, $25 million dollar offers, claiming he wants a contract that ties him up for fewer years.  Regardless, Anaheim will still have some wiggle room to possibly sign a solid defender to a multi-year contract.

Anaheim has been known to sign players right up until the cap space is close to down to zero, however hopefully GM Murray knows that with so many players needing to have their contracts extended while some need to be flat out re-signed.

Only time will tell if GM Bob Murray has another signing in mind aside from Ryan, or if he has his eye on any other defenders.


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