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Anaheim falls to Nashville Predators 4-1

Last night, Anaheim faced off with the Nashville Predators, and despite a seemingly decisive 4-1 loss, Anaheim played a solid game, however Pred goalie, Pekka Rinne played an incredible game, holding the Ducks to just one goal on 41 shots.

The first started off on the wrong foot with the Predators scoring just over five minutes in, with the goal credited to Jarred Smithson.  The goal is still controversial, initially being a no-goal call on the ice, but then going to a video review where there was enough evidence to rule the call on the ice incorrect and tally one goal for Nashville.  The first period was evenly matched in terms of penalties, with just two fighting majors total, one for each side, however the shots on goal was heavily weighted in favor of Anaheim with the first period totals of 15-5.

The middles frame was more even-keel in terms of both penalties and shots on goal, however Nashville managed to sneak another goal in behind Anaheim's netminder, Jonas Hiller.  Penalties ended up at two minors for each side, and shots were 11 from Nashville and 13 for Anaheim. 

In the final period, Anaheim managed to tally one goal, cutting the Nashville lead to one goal at the hands of Saku Koivu, and with two Nashville penalties in the last four minutes of the game, however the Preds still managed to take control again with two empty-net goals in the last minute of the game.

All in all, the Ducks managed to out shoot the Preds 41-24, however Anaheim couldn't get a strong offensive rush going, and 40 of the 41 shots that the Ducks lobbed on goal were stopped by Pekka Rinne, or the plumbing.  In short, Anaheim couldn't get any bounces going their way, and because of that they had to walk away with zero points, and watch the Predators tally another two. 

When the Western Conference is as close as it is (four points divide 13th place and 3th place), every game needs to end with at least one, if not two, points in Anaheim's favor in order to stay in the mix for the playoffs.


  • J. 4 years ago

    "The goal is still controversial, initially being a no-goal call on the ice,"

    I am part of the NHL video goal review team at Honda Center and I find it in bad taste that you would use the word 'controversial' so loosely. In the future please attempt to provide ethical journalism without including false statements to create excitement. Video will be coming soon.

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