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Anaheim brides can find creative wedding venues close to home

Anaheim is filled with many hotels (thank you Mickey) so we have many standard hotel ballrooms to rent for wedding receptions. However if you want something a little (or a lot!) out-of-the-box, think beyond hotel circle and practice random thoughts of creativity. Here's some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

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Had your first kiss at your neighborhood park? Call your local Parks and Recreation Department and see if you can rent a picnic spot to say your vows exactly where it all began. A "celebration picnic" instead of a typical reception can be a breath of fresh air for you and your wedding guests.

Met at work in a high rise? Is there a roof-top patio you could rent? Or how about renting the roof-top parking lot that has an amazing view of the Disneyland fireworks display? Tell the building owner you will buy event insurance and you just might get the deal of the century on your reception site.

Did you know he was "the one" the first time you went bowling together? Rent the private room at 300 for a fun filled wedding or reception.

Does your best friend's condo complex have the coolest community center? Or does Grandma's retirement home have an amazing dining room or garden?

You met at the hottest night club in town? Why not have the party of a life-time there too?

Does Dad's lodge have... a lodge... you can rent?  I bet you there's a brick fireplace just perfect for a winter wedding.

Does your favorite Mexican restaurant have a great banquet room? The price just may make you say "ole!"

Want a bit of fantasy to your reception? Call Pirates Dinner Adventure or Medieval Times and book a section at their dinner show for your celebration.

How many golf courses do we have in Anaheim or our neighboring cities? Their dining rooms generally have views a cut above the standard hotel banquet room. And if put-put golf is more your style... why not ask if you can rent a mini-golf course out for a day?

And then there's Mom and Dad's backyard. You can spend the money you'd give to a hotel on updating your parent's landscape to have that home wedding we've all wanted since we watched Father of the Bride for the first time. There is nothing more personal than a home wedding.

So when you go hunting for the "right" wedding site, remember the not-so-typical choices may add a special twist to your wedding that will make your celebration memorable for all.

View the slide show below for some local wedding venues just a wee bit different (and perhaps a lot more fun!) than your typical hotel banquet room.

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