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An update on the stray population after winter months

The last months have been one bad news after another for the stray cats, our shelter cats and myself.

Winter months were very bad on the stray population in that we could not help, the shelter being closed. Many died alone in the cold. Last week abandonment festival was also very bad. Just at the moment we were getting a hold on the stray overpopulation, animal control descended on our organization and killed every hope and many cats. It was very revengeful and had nothing to do with the protection of animals like they claim.

Our shelter cats were still in that garage in Lachute till last week (I hope they still are). HSI is already raising money with their photo although the delay to appeal this interim judgment giving the ownership to AC is not over. I found out that HSI has no legal standing in Quebec but the busybodies consider them "partners". Partners in what ? In crime ? I found that out also. Dogs have been stolen last month and the owner is going to Court to get them back. All that because she gave her address on the permit application.

As for myself, even though I worked very hard to find some solution, I was denied every right as per the Canadian Charter. So much so that I now must appeal this interim judgment otherwise I'll find myself in a deep hole that I will describe in another article.

To defend myself will also mean defend the right of other rescues to own and help stray cats and the right to do it in the open without fearing to be seized and loose everything. The system has been written as a trap and if you fall into it, there is no way out. We are still asking what is the purpose of seizing animals to kill them or sell them in the US where they have overpopulation problems.

I am now asking around for help, both moral and legal but mainly monetary to convince the judiciary that this problem must be decided once and for all and the rescuers and strays helped.

If you want to help the cause, share this article and/or donate at

Every dollar will help the cause in Quebec because it is getting more and more complicated to rescue animals, laws and by-laws being so much a restriction into our movements and the keeping of these little souls. Thank you.

P.S. For larger donations, our organization can still give receipts for income tax purposes.

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