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An update on stray cats colonies

Since last year, rescuers have been taking care of stray cats in the greater Montreal area but with the defamation of Operation Felix by a disgruntled volunteer, information has not been going around like it should have.

So much so that many small groups are getting into the business of saving kittens but are very disorganized and do not understand that feral cats are better sterilized and left in their environment. So they pick them up along with house cats.

Every time someone find a kitten she advertises on FB to get it adopted. Then they pretend they "saved" so many cats and kittens when all they did is pick it up from the alley and pass it along to someone else. The new adoptants now have a house full of cats, expenses for food and vet bills and the young FB girls get the glory. That is not fair. And on top of this, they ask for $$$ when the kitten is not even sick. What do you think ?

Various municipalities and elected officials who never bothered to help animals in the first place are now getting into the dance with more by-laws and regulations to counteract the installation of colonies. They threaten, send the police and in the end their menace is to send the animal pound contractor to trap and kill the poor souls. What are the girls to do ?

Without field experience, they trust everybody and give the kittens away like candy and we fear that when it reaches 6-7 months it will end up back on the streets. Responsible adoptants are rare and getting rarer.

The cat overpopulation is a world phenomena but it must be dealt with on a local basis, one cat at a time.

That situation has to change and for that Operation Felix needs to get back on the driver seat and lead the movement into something special for Quebec.

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