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An unlucky bull escapes a slaughterhouse and runs into a butcher shop

The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), a German news source, reports the true meaning of going from the frying pan into the fire. Unfortunately, for a two-year-old bull, it only managed to escape death for a short time. On Monday, in the German town of Schmallenberg, a bull on its way to the slaughterhouse had escaped from a trailer on Monday and fled into town. Once in town, the bull saw its own reflection in a butcher shop window. The bull then panicked and burst through the butcher shop window. Butcher Stefan Gierse grabbed a nail gun and fatally shot the confused bull in the head.

An unlucky bull escapes a slaughterhouse and ends up dead in a butcher shop. (picture not the actual bull).
Getty Images

A local veterinarian told the WAZ today the butcher deserved a medal for his actions. He said something terrible could have happened. The same veterinarian approved the carcass for human consumption, and approved Gierse to turn the dead bull into burgers and steaks. Gierse bled the animal on the road and butchered it. Most likely, the young bull is probably already on someone’s dinner plate as you read this.

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