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An unlikely hero in the dog world

If this little lady can rescue a dog from a coyote pack, why can't you?
If this little lady can rescue a dog from a coyote pack, why can't you?
Wheaton Patch

Old school told the people of generations gone by to listen to what they were taught. That is exactly what 84-year-old Dolores “Dolly” Jefferson did when she happened to look out her kitchen window as she was pouring herself a cup of coffee last Friday morning around 11:00 a.m.

Mrs. Jefferson witnessed her neighbor’s dog, Roxie, in a scuttle with a coyote that probably weighed a hundred pounds. The little 10-year-old Cirneco dell’Etna had been bitten on her snout and was running away from the alpha coyote straight toward a pack of three more coyotes.

Dolly’s son had told her that if she ever saw a coyote that she should yell and create a ruckus; that noise scared coyotes. That is just what this brave octogenarian did. Going above and beyond the call of neighborly, the elder rushed from her home hollering and screaming – straight at the frightened dog and the big coyote. The brave woman got within a foot of the attacking coyote and dog.

Dolores also reveals another side of her generation by being humble. She was grateful that she was able to help Roxie, reporting that her instincts were to do the neighborly thing. But how many others would – no matter their age?

‘Hero’ is just a title to the 84-year-old. She just wants to keep her neighborhood safe and by listening and following through with instructions that area police and DNR officials keep repeating, she was able to save the little dog’s life.

Coyotes are naturally afraid of people. It is very seldom that they would attack a human being. By frightening humans, they are able to establish dominance just like any dog wants to do.

If you have ever gotten a puppy from a reputable breeder, one of the first things that the breeder will tell you is to teach the dog to be submissive to your commands. Coyotes are really no different. If you run at them, screaming, yelling, clapping your hands or blowing a whistle or blow horn, you will gain the upper edge; showing the canine that you are the dominant species.

Rich Parent, Roxie’s human, is especially grateful that Mrs. Jefferson was there, doing her neighborly duties for if not, he would not have gotten to his beloved Roxie in time to save her. He does consider his elderly neighbor a hero in Roxie’s case!

Remember, you, too, can be like Dolly Jefferson. All you have to do is take a deep breath and scream and run at a coyote in your neighborhood. Keeping dogs safe is not that difficult – as long as you are alpha dog!

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